• 37.5% | Gin | Spain
  • Production: This product is the result of a very careful selection of botanicals, with aromas of juniper berries, floral and citrus notes such as lemon.
  • Tasting Note: Clear and bright. Very intense aromas, especially of juniper, white flowers and of citrus, principally of lemon. Very agreeable on the palate, medium intensity, very elegant expressions of citrus and purity of the juniper.




  • 37.5% | Gin | Spain
  • Production: Gin made with high quality selected grain alcohol. Gin Zafiro Strawberry is produced with juniper berries, lemon peel and wild fruits such as strawberry. Gin has a characteristic pink color and strawberry aroma.
  • Tasting Note: Bright pink. Very aromatic, friendly and delicate nose. The palate is soft, vibrant and botanists are expressed in fullness accompanied by strawberry flavor that characterizes the Gin Zafiro Strawberry Gin.