Some vodka brands obtain the spirit from starch extracted from potatoes, molasses or by-products from the milling industry. But DANZKA Original is made only from 100% whole grain.This ensures that we know and control the raw material all the way from nature to consumer. The use of whole grain guarantees vodka with much more complete taste and aroma. Many years of experience proved that whole grain is the best basis for smooth and well-balanced premium vodka. We give pride of place to quality and choose only the finest whole grain for DANZKA Original.

Ice-cubes made from tap water become whitish and cloudy and the frozen water that should have no taste acquires an unfortunate aftertaste. A process that shows what happens when the mineral content of the water is allowed to affect its character. If, however, you make ice-cubes from demineralized water, the cubes stay completely clear and maintain their pure taste. In the same way, the purity of the water used is crucial to the taste of vodka. DANZKA Original uses water extracted from the Nordic underground and then demineralized, and the purity of the water brings the taste of the 100% grain spirit into focus.


DANZKA Original is made in the traditional Scandinavian Distillation process. The whole grain is crushed and heated in water to break down the starch. Yeast is added, setting off a fermentation process that transforms the starch parts of the grain into alcohol and carbon dioxide – the latter being used in the soft drinks industry. After fermentation, the spirit for DANZKA Original passes through a continuous six-column distillation process. This process allows us to have full control of the distillation at every stage and to ensure that unwanted impurities are removed. At the same time, it is possible to identify aromas that have a positive effect on product quality and selectively retain these. The continuous distillation process, of which we are very proud, is called “Scandinavian style of Vodka distillation”, and enables us to obtain the desired purity, smoothness and well-balanced taste for DANZKA Original.


Pure water and premium spirit get their attitude by two additional filtrations:

First a membrane filter which retains even the smallest particles and second a‘polish’ filter which leaves a crystal clear and brilliant liquid with a smooth and balanced taste.