• 32% | Brandy | Spain
  • Production: Selected grape spirits distilled from excellent white wines that would be suitable for direct consumption. Aged in American oak casks under the traditional system of Soleras until it attains the minimum age required of a Brandy de Jerez Solera.
  • Tasting Note: Amber with hues of gold. It has the complex “estery” nose that evokes the fine distilled wines it is made from. Hint of oak.
  • Suggestions for consumption: Outstanding in mixed drinks, it is also excellent in a snifter or in a glass with abundant ice.




  • 40% | Brandy | Spain
  • Production: Solera gran reserva brandy aged for an average of ten years in American oak casks which have previously contained sherry.
  • Tasting Note: Its mahogany colour with golden tones and the complexity of its aromas are reminiscent of its long and adequate aging in wood. Slightly sweet on the palate, it is smooth and full-bodied with toasted and vanilla notes and a long and pleasant finish.
  • Suggestions for consumption: This mature and aristocratic brandy is a real treat to the palate. Enjoy it in a very fine snifter at room temperature, slightly warmed by cupping it in the palm of your hand to celebrate special occasions.